Tighten or Broken Laptop Hinges ???

The laptop would no longer close properly if the hinges are faulty or broken. It can also affect and break the laptop body. Hinges job is
to keep the laptop screen lid smooth for opening & closing. But many a time due to improper handling and not doing yearly cleaning servicing the hinge
becomes jam & do not function smoothly. The user applies high pressure to close the screen top which leads to damage of laptop base body, or broken hinges. Faulty hinges can be replaced & in case of the broken body we can do laptop body fabrication.
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1 thought on “Tighten or Broken Laptop Hinges ???”

  1. That’s good to know that your laptop hinges could be damaged by not cleaning them. I would think that would be bad for them to have dust or dirt trapped in the. I’ll have to make sure to clean them out every once in a while if I decide to have my laptop repaired.

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