Top 10 common desktop problems.

We share a tumultuous relationship with our desktop./PC. It’s great when everything is working in order. But when there are technical difficulties, things can get frustrating and sometimes even overbearing.

Here are those top 10 common problems you usually face with a desktop/PC.

1) The Blue Screen of Death-
It is a Microsoft Windows related STOP error. This is a serious problem. Mostly related to hardware or driver. You can find out what happened by the accompanied error code. Many places offer a list of these error codes for you to look up.

2)Missing DLL files.
It’s a standard system issue with Window based Operating system. This usually means the DLL files are either missing or corrupt. They hold many codes, procedures, and instructions for programs. They exist to tell the OS how to deal with certain apps. Several programs can also open them at once, improving memory conversion.
These are necessary system files, and when they’re missing or corrupt, bad things happen. This is unfortunate, and common because there are so many of them.

3) An application running slowly.
This could be due to any number of causes. But the most common relates to processing power and memory. RAM is used to store data temporarily while programs are running. The recommended amount for Windows users is 2GB or more, but a higher number is ideal. In fact, the more memory you have, the more programs you can run concurrently.
RAM doesn’t necessarily speed up a computer, but it can make applications and programs run better. So, yes, it’s commonly associated with performance and speed.

4) Malware
It’s a type of software that can damage or disable computers and related systems. It has to be installed on a computer before it can cause problems.For example, just downloading a file from a website could result in malware on your computer. Once opened, it can damage files, and it can even slow down your computer by using up valuable resources.

5) Internet or Connectivity Issue
This can be the stem of many problems. There could be something wrong with your ISP, or internet service provider. Then, there are DNS servers you must connect to, which can also encounter issues. Finally, there’s your local hardware, which includes your router, computer, and network software.
Luckily, Windows has a troubleshooting tool that can help identify network connection issues.

6) Hard Drive failure
It can lead to serious problems. You can easily replace a hard drive. But data stored on the hard drive can become corrupt or lost forever. Program files can be easily recovered. But when it comes to personal documents, photos, and important data it’s a huge problem. This is all data you can’t easily duplicate. A hard drive can fail at any time, and it can happen with both old and new drives. Worse yet, failure rates differ depending on the type, capacity, and brand of a drive.

7) Frozen Screen
During a severe failure, a computer can freeze or lock up. But it can also be a software problem too.

8)Strange Noises
Mechanical hard drives and optical disk drives, for instance, make a distinct noise when powering up and when they’re in use. Cooling fans can also make noise as they spin. Graphics cards or GPUS also have a fan that turns as they heat up.
Many of these components can make strange noises as they fail or begin to age.

It’s natural because a power flows through the parts inside a computer. This includes the CPU, hard drives, graphics cards, the power supply, external and internal drives, and even the motherboard. When the heat inside a computer grows too high, it can cause serious failures, and it can even damage components.

10) The application won’t install
There are many reasons why an application might not install on your computer. The most likely of which is that your computer and its software are not compatible with said application.
There are minimum system requirements to run everything from a simple program to a hardware-intensive game. If your computer does not meet these needs, you can experience a slowdown, and sometimes the app won’t even run.
Other issues that can prevent installation are hardware failures, storage space, and missing files. Missing files can also be system files like.DLLs and .NET framework content.


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